Program Overview

In late 2015, PepsiCo Inc. approached OpTic Gaming to launch its new product, Brisk Mate. They knew that OpTic had direct access to millions of consumers across the country … but they didn’t realize the demand that would be driven through association with the esport powerhouse.

To introduce the non-endemic brand into esports, OpTic Gaming created weekly video segments dubbed “Smooth Competition.” Within these videos, OpTic members participated in head-to-head competitions focused around their lifestyles.

Fast forward to 2017 and beyond – OpTic represents the entire Brisk portfolio nationwide. OpTic continues to create content for Brisk, through their newest series “A Closer Look,” drawing the connection between the brands in addition to throwing fan-attended events helping Brisk sell their product and grow success throughout the country.

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Smooth Competition

Brisk Mate partnered with Optic Gaming to create weekly segments called “Smooth Competition.”