Maple Leaf Crossing Launch Announcement


MUNSTER, IND. (July 26, 2019) – Local developer, Jay Lieser of 1st Metropolitan Builders, announced today plans for Maple Leaf Crossing, a professional office and retail development.  Maple Leaf Crossing is located in the heart of Munster, at Calumet Avenue and 45th Street.  The development is planned in phases, with the first phase of office and retail space available in the Fall of 2020.  Demolition of the existing site begins this week.  Upon completion, Maple Leaf Crossing envisions six buildings with over 120,000 sq ft of first-class office and retail space.

“Munster is known for its first-class schools, homes and healthcare.  With Maple Leaf Crossing, we will add professional and retail space to the list.” Lieser said. “I live here, work here and raise my kids here.  I am proud of our community and want to do my part to improve it.” he continued.

Maple Leaf Crossing will create a highly stylized development drawing from our heritage of steel and rail.  The center of the walking campus includes container architecture that will offer unique local shops.  From Sparkman Wharf in Tampa to Stackt in Toronto, communities have used container architecture to revitalize under-used land and create cultural experiences.  Munster’s Maple Leaf Crossing will be the largest implementation of container architecture in the Chicagoland area to date.

“This is a significant place-making development that incorporates the high-quality and pedestrian-centric design our community looks for,” Town Manager Dustin Anderson said. “The Town of Munster is very pleased to work with Mr. Lieser on facilitating this unique project,” he added.

Maple Leaf Crossing will also incorporate the extension of the Monon Trail bike and walking path through the middle of its campus bringing it one step closer to connecting with the Pennsy Greenway and Centennial Park.  Bikers, walkers and businesspeople will all have a place to meet for lunch, shopping or a night on the town.

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